Review: NBA 2K20 - Brilliant Basketball Sim Soured by Businessmen
Monday, 16 September 2019 16:30

Tank for Zion.

There has to be tensions at NBA 2K20 developer Visual Concepts behind-the-scenes. We’re not ones to gossip, but the California-based team must be frustrated that its sublime basketball simulation is now defined by its casino minigames and emphasis on microtransactions. On the one hand, this year’s return to the hardwood is another glitzy affair, flush with modes and dazzling little details which are rivalled only by Sony’s equally excellent MLB The Show 19 – but there are still moments where you can see the boardroom meetings, as publisher 2K Sports aims to extract as much cash as possible from its New Era cap-wearing clientele. It’s gross, but it’s really good – the ultimate oxymoron, we suppose.

Let’s start with the positives, though: the gameplay is best in class. The developer’s really paid attention to the on boarding process this time, so tutorial mode 2KU is more effective than ever before. Whether you need to start with the very basics of ball – like how to dribble, pass, and shoot – or you want a refresher on some of the more complicated manoeuvres in the game, you can work through the training mode at your own pace to really get to grips with the intricacies of the release. Sliders, of course, also make it possible for you to completely customise the experience as you see fit.

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