Talking Point: Is a PlayStation Game Pass Viable?
Monday, 16 September 2019 22:00

Could Sony realistically mirror Microsoft's popular endeavour?

The emergence of Game Pass on the Xbox One reminds us of PlayStation Plus’ rise last generation. With the PlayStation 3 scrambling for marketshare against the Xbox 360, a very shrewd Sony transformed its subscription service into a secret weapon, giving away big name games to its small pool of subscribers. It was buttering up consumers ahead of making the service mandatory on the PlayStation 4, and it worked like a charm.

Microsoft is, perhaps, looking a little deeper than goodwill gestures. Its aforementioned initiative – which includes "free" copies of every new first-party title day-and-date, as well as select third-party releases – is unquestionably in loss-leader mode, as it blows cash with $1 discounts hoping to establish a big enough base to make a Netflix-esque model viable in the future. But is it something that PlayStation could realistically copy?

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